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Hedding Campground was founded in 1863. During the 1862 camp meeting at Fowler’s Grove in South Newmarket, a committee, headed by Rev. James Thurston, was appointed to visit a grove in Epping that was owned by Ezra Barber. Mr. Barber was a prominent and devout Methodist, and the location had been recommended by President Elder Calvin Holman as being a suitable site. The search committee went to Epping and after making a thorough examination of the ground, decided unanimously to report in favor of the location. The committee then formed a circle on the bank near the spring and made a preliminary consecration of this place in a service of prayer and praise. This was the first religious service on the grounds. 

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Chautauqua Hall

Discover the captivating history of Hedding Campground, a cherished destination nestled among the serene pines. Uncover the tales of its humble beginnings and the remarkable journey it has traversed throughout the decades. For those eager to delve deeper into this rich narrative, embark on an enlightening exploration through Jim Robertson's engrossing book, "Hedding Among the Pines." Immerse yourself in the past, and unlock the secrets and memories that have shaped this cherished sanctuary.

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